Can I Do It? Am I Good Enough?

Published: 28th February 2007
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Have you ever asked yourself this question? Most of us have; especially in moments of change or when we come across new opportunities. There are many reasons you might feel that you cannot succeed. You might feel you are too shy, too young, too old, not healthy or not educated enough...

Whatever it might be it is nothing more than an excuse. If you take a serious look at your reasoning you will recognize that yourself.

Let's first look at being too old:
My father sold his successful road building business in Germany at age 63 and went to Russia as one of the first "capitalists" to open a German sausage factory. Talk about a new beginning.
Ray Kroc was fifty-two when he bought the McDonald brothers' hamburger stand and turned it into one of the largest franchise globally.
Colonel Sanders didn't begin his worldwide chain of restaurants until he was in his mid-sixties.
Nelson Mandela spent nearly 30 years in prison before becoming the first black president of South Africa at age 76. Today at 89 he still travels the globe as an inspiring ambassador of world peace.

Or do you think you are not educated enough?
You can't imagine how intimidated I used to be by the titles and letters people use after their name: PhD, MBA, PSE, CRB, IBRC or whatever it might be. My parents gave me a decent education but nothing as impressive as the confusing mass of abbreviations on people's visiting cards. I felt quite under educated until I met Jim Rohn who said: "Formal education can make you a living, self education can make you a fortune."

In all truth I was more interested in the fortune so I set out to self educate myself. Since 1978 I am on my educational trip and enjoy it immensely. I travel and read extensively, attend a lot of seminars, my 20 GB MP3 player is full of educational materials and my car has plenty of "How to" CD programs. In my trainings I teach what I have learned and what I have personally experienced.

One can never learn enough but that does not mean we should only learn. We must put what we learn to practical use continuously. To succeed we need to integrate the wisdom and tips we find into our daily lives.

There are millions of extremely successful people out there without a doctor title. Just look at the following examples:

Winston Churchill, the English Prime Mister, graduated last in his college class.
Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin, with a net worth estimated at several billion, dropped out of high school.
Thomas Edison, the American inventor, had only three months of formal education and he brought us some of mankind's greatest inventions which we are all using every day.
Les Brown, one of the world's most famous motivational speakers was labeled mentally retarded in grade school.
Muriel Seibert was the first woman to make one billion dollars and she only had a high school diploma.
Stephen Spielberg, the American director, was an unknown C student in high school.
Oprah Winfrey left college before graduation and is today one of the richest and most respected woman in America.
Sean Connery, the Scottish actor, quit school at age 13 with a sixth grade education. One of his early jobs was polishing coffins and look where he is today. His first acting coach told him that he needed more education. That day, he picked up a book and started reading and has never stopped.

These are just a few; there are thousands of examples like this... What separates these people from the crowd were not credentials from exclusive schools or knowing the right people but rather a commitment to setting goals and then taking decisive action every single day to achieve them. When Oprah was asked how she makes herself exercise so extensively every day. "I recommit every morning" was her answer.

You may think that achievements like these can only be reached by special people, better people. But what makes those who achieve greatness excel isn't necessarily outstanding talent or brains or aptitude but rather the fact that they are willing to go all out and do something with what they have. It is attitude. It is action. They keep studying. Ask questions that lead to more question and find teachers, coaches and mentors.

Ultimately, all education is self-education. Start today and never stop! YOU can do it! YOU are good enough!

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